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PT BNC Sekuritas Indonesia is a member of Indonesia Stock Exchange formerly known as Jakarta Stock Exchange.
PT BNC Sekuritas Indonesia’s retail spread caters to the need of individual investors. Trading in equities is made simple, safe and interesting. We have made trading in equity not only easier but also secure, for you.
Whether you are an experienced investor, a seasoned investor or just a beginner, you can invest independently and build your portfolio with our resources. You may also take services of our equity


When you open a trading account with us at PT BNC Sekuritas Indonesia, you can be sure of ge$ ng the best. We ensure ease and convenience from opening of the account, to accessing research to execution and settlement of your trades.
Our trading accounts are designed to meet the individual needs of investors and to provide you an edge in the financial markets.
Balance and positions - Get easy access to all your accounts. Get a combined view of your trading account and balances, track your portfolio and your capital gains and losses throughout the year at regular basis or by demand at any market day.
Advice - Get investment advice based on a whole range of investment options.
Cash management - At BNC Sekuritas Indonesia making deposits, withdrawals and cheque writing is simple, fast and efficient. Get convenience of depositing funds the way you prefer – by cheque or an instant online transfer!


The Company deploys Business Con! nuity Plan (BCP) program that manifest Company’s business sustainability plans to identify and mitigate potential threats, and to respond with right conduct toward occurred disaster. Furthermore, BCP also contains of several practices, such as, disaster impact recovery plan, operational activity under emergency situation, and structured actions to recover business activities in order to operate normally.
BCP program is expected to build awareness from all parts of the Company, from management as well as employees, on business operational continuity and to understand the role and responsibility of each employee in running the BCP.